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Pension Builders & Consultants is now

Blue Waters Wealth Advisors

First allow me to provide a quick recap. After several years of working as an advisor on the Pension Builders team, I had the unique opportunity to acquire the Pension Builders businesses outright in November of 2016 and since then I have been focused on the process of integrating that community of clients with my own successful financial planning practice. All along there was a strategy to identify a new location for the business, one that would serve as a private, comfortable business retreat that would satisfy all of the many dimensions for my vision of the business. I expected such a move might take place sometime in late 2018 or 2019, however, when the occasion presented itself to purchase what I believe was the perfect location for our new home in Westlake, I felt compelled to accelerate our real estate strategy.

Professionally, although Pension Builders does describe one important element of the retirement planning process, the name truly does not do justice to the comprehensive financial knowledge and breadth of services that my team and I can provide, and clients have been clamoring for.

Moving forward, Pension Builders will change to Blue Waters Wealth Advisors. The name of our firm embodies both a far deeper representation of the services that we are providing to our community, and my lifelong affinity for the medium of water.

If you would like to gain additional insight into our firm, please view our Blue Waters Wealth Advisors origin story page.

Thank you,

-Raymond Brown