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Books and Articles we believe are important

Loonshots - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Loonshots - Recommended Book

...The researchers found a middle ground by creating a model that was simple, but not simplistic. Throw away too much detail, and you explain nothing. Retain all the detail—same thing...We want a model that is just simple enough so that we can extract macro insights with confidence in their micro origins...

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When we look in the mirror

...It turns out that when you’re surrounded by people who care about you, when you have freedom and a chance to lead, you can become a different, more generous, happier, more powerful, more friended version of yourself...

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Canadians Requiring Visas

...In most circumstances, Canadian citizens do not require visitor, business, transit or other visas to enter the United States, either from Canada or from other countries. There are, however, some exceptions to this situation...

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Our Fight With Stress

...Stress never is truly defeated. You may conquer what was causing your stress today, but the hard truth is something else is going to pop up that will cause stress and wage war again...

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The case for fewer friends

...Instead of stretching yourself thin trying to keep in contact with everyone you’ve ever met or feeling pressured to make new friends, it’s worth considering the value of a few close confidants...

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How to think clearly

...All of this emphasises a fundamental point about clarifying your thinking. It asks you to admit your thoughts are unclear to begin with – and thus, that certain elements within them need to be rethought, or placed upon more secure foundations. It’s as if you’re shedding layers of preconception, misconception and false consciousness. And the ultimate prize isn’t being right, gratifying though this might be. It’s being understood...

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Retirement Agreement Between The United States And Canada

...An agreement effective August 1, 1984, between the United States and Canada improves Social Security protection for people who work or have worked in both countries. It also helps protect the benefit rights of people who have earned Canadian Social Security credits based on residence and/or contributions in Canada....

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The Paradox of Choice - Recommended Book Thumbnail

The Paradox of Choice - Recommended Book

...As options increase, the effort involved in making decisions increases, so mistakes hurt even more. Thus the growth of options and opportunities for choice has three, related, unfortunate effects. It means that decisions require more effort. It makes mistakes more likely. It makes the psychological consequences of mistakes more severe...

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Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup

...Be sure to use a high-quality cheddar; it's crucial to the dish's flavor. Choose a yellow cheese for the richest color. For a chunkier soup, skip the pureeing and just break up some of the potato with a spoon...

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