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Books and Articles we believe are important

Am I Being Too Subtle? - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Am I Being Too Subtle? - Recommended Book

...There’s a baseline IQ level needed to work at my firm, but I don’t need rocket scientists. After that, what best predicts your success in my world is drive, energy, attitude, judgment, conviction, and passion. And an ability to cut to the center of an issue...

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The Pyramid Principle

...Many times, we only had a few minutes to communicate that recommendation — then, if the executive was interested in digging deeper, we could present more details...

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Are New Graduates Happier Making More Money or Having More Time?

...Decisions about time and money are present in all of our lives. Sometimes we cannot choose our priorities; we might need to choose the better-paying job and sacrifice having more time to socialize with our friends and family. Society needs to work harder to make us all feel like we have the choice to prioritize time over money. However, when we do have the ability to choose which resource to prioritize, the data is clear: Valuing time is likely to bring us greater joy both in the moment and in the long term...

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Being Wrong - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Being Wrong - Recommended Book

...some memories might strike us as convincing not because they are necessarily accurate but because of how often we call them to mind (i.e., reassemble them) and how easy it is do so...

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Superforecasting - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Superforecasting - Recommended Book

...superforecasting demands thinking that is open-minded, careful, curious, and—above all—self-critical. It also demands focus. The kind of thinking that produces superior judgment does not come effortlessly. Only the determined can deliver it reasonably consistently, which is why our analyses have consistently found commitment to self-improvement to be the strongest predictor of performance...

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