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Books and Articles we believe are important

Narrative and feelings

...We like to think we make complicated decisions based on rational analysis, but most of the time, we actually make an emotional decision and then invent a rational analysis to justify it...

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Forgive and be free

...Forgiveness, of others and one’s self, can be a powerful, life-altering process. It can change the trajectory of a relationship or even one’s life. It is not the only response one can make to being hurt or hurting others, but it is an effective way to manage the inevitable moments of conflict, disappointment, and pain in our lives...

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The Virtue of Delayed Gratification

[Ed. note - bad language ahead]...it’s only rational to delay gratification if and only if you believe you will receive that long-term reward. When you’re unsure of getting the results you’re holding out for, it can be rational to not wait and instead indulge. In these cases, immediate gratification isn’t so much a failure of willpower, it can also be a calculated choice...

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How to stop overthinking

...Persistent overthinking in the form of worry and rumination can result in a wide range of symptoms such as insomnia, trouble concentrating and loss of energy which, in turn, often lead to further worries regarding one’s symptoms, thereby creating a vicious cycle of overthinking...

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Selling hours

...If it’s truly about what we produce, how many people on the team are aware of how much they produce? What would happen if they were...

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