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Books and Articles we believe are important

The to-do list trap

...While we’re busy tackling small tasks that we’ve convinced ourselves we have to do, we avoid the more complicated projects that will take us to the next level...

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...The rub is a blend of brown sugar, regular paprika, smoked paprika, dry mustard, salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder...

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Calculating the last minute

...The last minute is an easy habit to fall into. Once you start focusing on crises, it makes it really difficult to find the focus and energy to begin planning ahead. But the last minute can be risky and expensive...

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How to Do Hybrid Right

...So how can you propel your firm toward an anywhere, anytime model? Start by identifying key jobs and tasks, determine what the drivers of productivity and performance are for each, and think about the arrangements that would serve them best...

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The Gift - Recommended Book Thumbnail

The Gift - Recommended Book

...In a climate of constant uncertainty, it’s tempting to be cautious with our joy; to hold our breath, wait for the other shoe to drop. Anticipating disaster can give us an illusion of control. But it doesn’t make us free...

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BBQ Baked Beans

...They’re delightfully sweet and smoky, making them the perfect companion to barbecued meats and burgers...

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...I’m sure there was a really good reason twenty years ago for all the steps that are now involved in the thing you do right now, but your competitor, the one who is starting from scratch, is skipping most of them...

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The Multidisciplinary Approach to Thinking

...Using a true multidisciplinary understanding of things, Peter identifies two often overlooked, parabolic “Big Ideas”: 1) Mirrored Reciprocation (go positive and go first) and 2) Compound Interest (being constant). A great “Life Hack” is to simply combine these two into one basic approach to living your life...

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Why We Sleep - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Why We Sleep - Recommended Book

...When it comes to information processing, think of the wake state principally as reception (experiencing and constantly learning the world around you), NREM sleep as reflection (storing and strengthening those raw ingredients of new facts and skills), and REM sleep as integration (interconnecting these raw ingredients with each other, with all past experiences, and, in doing so, building an ever more accurate model of how the world works, including innovative insights and problem-solving abilities)...

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