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Books and Articles we believe are important

Make Amazing 7-Minute Caramels in Your Microwave

...Use the best unsalted butter you can find. Mass-produced caramels are often made with butter mixed with other fats, so their taste cannot compare to gourmet or homemade caramels like these, which rely on the flavor that comes from butter...

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Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient

...Inefficient does not mean ineffective, and it is certainly not the same as lazy. You get things done – just not in the most effective way possible. You’re a bit sloppy, and use more energy. But don’t feel bad about it. There is real value in not being the best...

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Recommended Book Thumbnail

A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Recommended Book

...The harsh truth is that the most important driver in the growth of your assets is how much you save, and saving requires discipline. Without a regular savings program, it doesn’t matter if you make 5 percent, 10 percent, or even 15 percent on your investment funds. The single most important thing you can do to achieve financial security is to begin a regular savings program and to start it as early as possible. The only reliable route to a comfortable retirement is to build up a nest egg slowly and steadily...

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How to overcome the “scarcity mindset”

...If you can’t let go of the chase and shake off the helplessness and cynicism it eventually generates, then you’re stuck. If you’re not willing to question that, then it is hard to dislodge the thinking that got you stuck...

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This is Marketing - Recommended Book Thumbnail

This is Marketing - Recommended Book

...A lifeguard doesn’t have to spend much time pitching to the drowning person. When you show up with a life buoy, if the drowning person understands what’s at stake, you don’t have to run ads to get them to hold on to it...

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