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Books and Articles we believe are important

Garden Salsa

...This garden salsa recipe combines ripe ingredients and subtle seasonings to make a real summer treat...

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What Sharks Can Teach Us About Survivorship Bias

...Not recognizing survivorship bias can lead to faulty decision making. We don’t see the big picture and end up optimizing for a small slice of reality. We can’t completely overcome survivorship bias. The best we can do is acknowledge it, and when the stakes are high or the result important, stop and look for the stories of those who were unsuccessful...

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Plus Minus Next Journaling

...When I have too many tasks in the “next” column, I use the Eisenhower matrix to make sure my focus is on important tasks. This allows me to discard anything that’s not important and not urgent...

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Being Smart is Not Enough

...Know that it’s the Geniuses who innovate, but it’s the Butterflies who spread that innovation around. Both components are required for successfully implementing new, brilliant ideas...

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Making a difference (making a point)

...Change comes about when the story the other person tells themselves begins to change. If all you do is make a point, you’ve handed them a story about yourself. When you make a change, you’ve helped them embrace a new story about themselves...

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Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Recommended Book

...There are three categories of people—the person who goes into the office, puts his feet up on his desk, and dreams for twelve hours; the person who arrives at five A.M. and works sixteen hours, never once stopping to dream; and the person who puts his feet up, dreams for one hour, then does something about those dreams...

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High Leverage Time Management

...Use routines (and speed) to reduce cognitive load...Run High Leverage Meetings...Delegate & Say No...Constantly Recalibrate Your Focus...Adjust Time Management Techniques As You Scale...Prioritize Your Own Health & Learning...Communication Habits Are The Key...

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