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Books and Articles we believe are important

Document Retention: What To Keep And What To Shred

...Despite the ongoing shift to an increasingly digital world of automatic electronic verification of everything from transactions to identity, the reality is that today, there are still a number of documents that individuals must be able to provide to various companies, regulators, or government agencies...

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An Action Plan for Long-Term Care

...The takeaway is that even people who expect to rely on government resources if they develop a long-term-care need should think through the financial and other implications of long-term care for their retirement plans. And people who expect to rely on their own resources or purchase some type of insurance to cover long-term-care expenses should be methodical about it, thinking through their prospective coverage needs and weighing their options...

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Must-Knows About Restricted Stock

...On the other hand, employer stock can introduce risk and complexity into an individual's financial plan. After all, employees have a lot riding on their companies' wherewithal even before employer stock enters the picture, because that's where they earn their paychecks. By owning company stock, employees effectively double down on their bet on the financial health of their firms. Moreover, company stock can introduce tax headaches, especially for people who aren't well versed in the tax treatment of these assets...

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Using A Family Dynasty 529 Plan For Multigenerational College Planning

...individuals who have both the means and desire can ‘overfund’ one or more 529 plan accounts (either by making periodic contributions over many years or by a large lump sum contribution), effectively creating a “Dynasty 529 Plan”, which can be used to pay for qualified education expenses of not only their children and grandchildren (or any number of qualified members in their extended family), but potentially for multiple generations of family members to come...

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Hindsight bias says to abandon your plan. Here’s why you shouldn’t

...No matter the market conditions, there are always messages from the media or the investing community that a market event, such as an extreme drop or increase, was foreseen, perhaps even obvious. If you begin to believe you’ve missed opportunities or you’re at risk for losses, you might attempt to overcorrect by trying to time the markets or weighting your portfolio too heavily in one area...

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