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Books and Articles we believe are important

It Costs What It Costs

...Reality is indifferent to our preferences. There is no such thing as a fair price. Stuff—life—costs what it costs. You either pay it or you don’t...

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The benefits of note-taking by hand

...Handwritten notes are a powerful tool for encrypting embodied cognition and in turn supporting the brain’s capacity for retrieval of information. And secondly, when you take notes by hand, your hands create a robust external memory storage: your notebook...

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How To Be Successful

...Most people get bogged down in linear opportunities. Be willing to let small opportunities go to focus on potential step changes...

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Fill Up Your Canteen

...Whenever things quiet down for a minute and finally start clicking; whenever a conversation with family and friends leaves you bathed in an intoxicating glow; whenever you find yourself stirred by an unexpected moment of beauty; drink it in...

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How Much Ambition Can a Marriage Sustain?

...We believe that couples often behave as though there is a set limit on the amount of ambition that can be contained within one union. Sometimes this limit is clearly articulated; sometimes it is unspoken, and the ambition can be distributed in different ways...

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