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Books and Articles we believe are important

Early-career setback and future career impact

...By focusing on proposals fell just below and just above the funding threshold, we compare near-miss with narrow-win applicants, and find that an early-career setback has powerful, opposing effects. On the one hand, it significantly increases attrition, predicting more than a 10% chance of disappearing permanently from the NIH system. Yet, despite an early setback, individuals with near misses systematically outperform those with narrow wins in the longer run. Moreover, this performance advantage seems to go beyond a screening mechanism, suggesting early-career setback appears to cause a performance improvement among those who persevere...

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Using your tickets

...In fact, we each have a limited number of tickets to trade in. Limited time, limited opportunities, limited money and other resources....

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How to Keep Your Cool - Recommended Book Thumbnail

How to Keep Your Cool - Recommended Book

...Delay is the greatest remedy for anger. Ask of your anger, at the outset, not to grant forgiveness but to exercise judgment. Its first impulses are harsh ones; it will relent if it waits. And don’t try to get rid of it all at once; it will be wholly defeated if it is carved away by pieces...

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Macaroni Pudding

...All of the ingredients for this recipe are likely to be in your kitchen already, so you can make this dessert at any time...

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