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Books and Articles we believe are important

Compounding Knowledge

...When we consume information that doesn’t expire or expires slowly; is very detailed; and we spend time thinking about it not passing the buck, we can match patterns. This is how you learn to see what other people are missing. The longer you do this, the more advantage you get...

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Should New Grads Take Any Job or Wait for the Right One?

...Evaluate opportunities, not based on whether they are “right” or “perfect” for your long-term goals but based on whether you’ll gain something now that will be useful later. Specifically, think about three criteria: will the job you’re considering offer experience, credibility, or income?...

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Splitting Pensions In A Divorce: Shared Payment Vs. Shared Interest QDROs

...Ultimately, the key point is that a QDRO offers some flexibility in planning strategies for both the Participant and the Alternate Payee. While the Shared Payment method must be used if the Participant has already begun payments when the QDRO is implemented, either the Shared Payment or Separate Interest strategy can be chosen if the QDRO is implemented before pension benefits begin...

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Rice-Cooker Mac and Cheese

...We tested this several times and found that a bit more broth and a bit more attention during the cooking will prevent scorching on the bottom. Even if it scorches, though, think of it as adding texture to the dish...

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