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Books and Articles we believe are important


...It’s almost impossible to remove a screw with your bare hands, but easy with a screwdriver...

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The Black Swan - Recommended Book Thumbnail

The Black Swan - Recommended Book

...The human mind suffers from three ailments as it comes into contact with history, what I call the triplet of opacity. They are: the illusion of understanding, or how everyone thinks he knows what is going on in a world that is more complicated (or random) than they realize; the retrospective distortion, or how we can assess matters only after the fact, as if they were in a rearview mirror (history seems clearer and more organized in history books than in empirical reality); and the overvaluation of factual information and the handicap of authoritative and learned people, particularly when they create categories—when they “Platonify.”...

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...If you don’t realize that you have power, you might not be able to exercise it...

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One Small Step Can Change Your Life - Recommended Book Thumbnail

One Small Step Can Change Your Life - Recommended Book

...Your brain loves questions and won’t reject them . . . unless the question is so big it triggers fear. By asking small, gentle questions, we keep the fight-or-flight response in the “off” position. Kaizen questions such as “What’s the smallest step I can take to be more efficient?” They allow the brain to focus on problem-solving and, eventually, action. Ask a question often enough, and you’ll find your brain storing the questions, turning them over, and eventually generating some interesting and useful responses...

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You Will Not Eat Enough Fiber Today

...“Our microbes turn around and reward us when we feed them fiber. They create short-chain fatty acids, which optimize our immune systems. [But] 97% of Americans are not getting adequate supply of fiber in their diet. And that’s creating issues for us"...

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