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Books and Articles we believe are important

Your responsibility preference

...“I’ve got this,” is a phrase that some people will go out of their way to avoid saying. At work, where it’s incredibly valuable, or in personal relationships, where it creates deep connection...

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Four Thousand Weeks - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Four Thousand Weeks - Recommended Book

...All of this illustrates what might be termed the paradox of limitation, which runs through everything that follows: the more you try to manage your time with the goal of achieving a feeling of total control, and freedom from the inevitable constraints of being human, the more stressful, empty, and frustrating life gets. But the more you confront the facts of finitude instead—and work with them, rather than against them—the more productive, meaningful, and joyful life becomes...

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...If you understand it, that means you can change it. You have resilience and insight and the leverage to make it better...

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Tortilla Pie

...This tortilla pie can be your next Mexican or Italian dinner, depending on the ingredients used...

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Your control preference

...One of the things we certainly have control over is deciding whether we’ll seek to spend our days in control or not. We might have to make sacrifices along the way, but the feeling is up to us...

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Document Retention: What To Keep And What To Shred

...Despite the ongoing shift to an increasingly digital world of automatic electronic verification of everything from transactions to identity, the reality is that today, there are still a number of documents that individuals must be able to provide to various companies, regulators, or government agencies...

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