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Books and Articles we believe are important

A New Twist on Why Top Athletes Nap So Much

...They’re not necessarily a warning that you’re failing to take care of yourself, or drowning in sleep debt. Sometimes they’re a sign that your mind is at peace, your body is at rest, and you’re lucky enough to have a half-hour to spare in the middle of the afternoon...

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Spicy Chicken Katsu Sandwiches

...These sandwiches combine the shattering panko crispiness of katsu-style cutlets and the fiery heat found in Nashville-style hot chicken with some cooling shredded lettuce to put out the fire...

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Arguing with Zombies - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Arguing with Zombies - Recommended Book

...The economy isn’t like an individual family that earns a certain amount and spends some other amount, with no relationship between the two. My spending is your income and your spending is my income...

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Talking to Strangers - Recommended Book Thumbnail

Talking to Strangers - Recommended Book

...We think we can easily see into the hearts of others based on the flimsiest of clues. We jump at the chance to judge strangers. We would never do that to ourselves, of course. We are nuanced and complex and enigmatic. But the stranger is easy...

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All You Need Are a Few Small Wins Every Day

...Trees that grow tall and live long grow slowly—especially at first—but then grow steadily. They may be underground a long time, and a vulnerable sapling for longer still, but like a good idea or a new habit, once the roots are in, they’re hard to dislodge...

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How to Recover When Your Career Gets Derailed

...There is a big difference between moving on and moving forward. The former means that you’ve slammed the door on the pain and frustration and, therefore, the lessons learned from your setback. That’s impossible and undesirable. Moving forward means you carry the full experience with you, painful loss alongside your hope for the future...

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